Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Something about life...

On a street where we used to seeing,
The friend we were usually with,
They were separating and even going on journeys.
Whereas, we were searching for ourselves,
Being frightened by the loneliness,
Passing those extremely boring days alone,
We can't see things that are straight ahead.

There are many times when everyone thinks they can't go on anymore,
Everyday we seem like a fool,
Living passionately with no sense of direction,
While, our mind continuously thinking,
"Even though these were the days I'd chosen,
I lost my way and looked like I'd give up"
Why we should think like that,
Just what the innocent us from the photos says?

Don't give up there, we still have some way to go,
Because this is not the place where we should stop,
Overcoming the tears we've cried,
Don't hold onto our foolish and immature feelings,
Facing the head winds and growing up,
Don't care if we're beaten by heavy rain,
Tomorrow, the rain will definitely letup,
And the sun will be waiting,right?

We're going to meet the 'us' of tomorrow,
So that we won't lose to the past,
We'll talk about the dreams that we'd longed for,
Even if we don't know any answers,
As long as there is still a road to continue on,
Let's believe as it is and go.

On the path that continue forever,
The dreams that we'd painted will definitely comes true,
Laughing and crying,whether we're in happy or pain,
Even on the new street, we're passing by people whose names we don't know,
Always facing the future and go forward,
So that one day we can say with a smile on our face,
"Those friends that I chased after my dreams with,
I can definitely feel them besides me now"